RetroMeteo.com, Meteoactueel.be and Bouwmeteo.be are part of Yourmetstation.com and aim to offer current weather information and climatic observations for almost every location on earth.

Within the Benelux we have more than 1,700 weather stations / measuring points that provide our systems with new data every 3 minutes.

Depending on your needs, the weather information can be easily filtered according to various parameters, such as temperature, visibility, cloud cover, precipitation, air pressure, humidity, etc...

Meteoactueel.be is also responsible for storing the data.  This happens at least 4 times an hour. In this way we have a very extensive database that goes back to 1980.

We make this information available on our website by means of tables, which you can then export to a CSV file, which you can then process via other programs.

If desired, we can also supply the current weather information in json or xml format.

The textual information can also be offered in a language you want.

Equipped with ‘ state-of-the-art ’ meteorological technologies, the platform is sufficiently efficient to meet your expectations and wishes, whether it concerns current meteorological data, or past observations.  We continue to invest in our own technologies.

Thanks to the close cooperation with a specialized web design agency, we can also provide you with a tailor-made web page. We make a price offer for you on request.

In summary: Need for weather information, current or from the past? Then you have come to the right place!